Friday, August 28, 2009

what do you find beauty in?

Today I found beauty in a daughters words, in a picture of a young man holding a baby, a husband asking how I slept, and in the sound of my sons voice. Everyday we pass by things that carry so much beauty, not even giving thought to what we see. I can even find beauty in the stack of shoes by my front door, for I know the day will come and all those shoes will not be there. I can find beauty in a son who brings me back a soda and a snack everytime he comes home from town. There is alot to say in those three little words,"I love you", but more so in the act of showing it. You can say I love you to someone and never show it with your actions. Thats not love at all. I can find beauty in God's word, even when I read what He has shown to correct me. I find beauty in my mom's tender touch on my cheek everytime I leave her house. Beauty is all around us, in the big things and the little things that touch us daily. Are we moving too fast to see the beauty? Are we so self-absorbed that we cannot see the beauty in front of us? Beauty is in a friends loving words of comfort, in a laugh that you share, and in a moment you have learned something new about Christ that has placed a smile on your face. The laughter of a child, who in her innocence has a beauty all of her own. Beauty not only comes to us in a sight, but in a touch, in a feeling, in hearing the words you have longed for. Beauty begins on the inside of a person. Beauty isn't kept inside, it is shared by all those who cross your path. As we see a beautiful sunset we can know that we have a mighty God who creates beauty in all He does. When we see a child bend to pet a fluffy puppy, only to make her giggle is beauty. When I see my husband has worked hard, coming home in dirty clothes is beauty to me. I can find beauty listening to the rain fall. God instilled in us a beauty that resembles Himself. Even vegtables growing in the garden on a vine can put forth a beauty that catches your eye. We all see beauty in different things that seem to touch our soul within. What is it that brings beauty before you? Is it the sound of your sweet baby and her first giggle, is the touch of another, is it the phone call that brought words to your ears that cheered you for the day? For me, I can find beauty in my son with the biggest heart of anyone I know. He would give you his right arm if he knew you were in need. The heart of a person is shown by the beauty they give to others. The Proverbs31 woman is beauty. She has a beauty that captures our heart, for we too want to bestow that kind of beauty in all we do. Beauty just isn't if your having a good hair day, its what you do with that day your given. Its in the work you do, the time you share with others, the prayers that are said for those around you. When I read about the virtous woman, I am drawn to her beauty. She allowed God to shine through all she did. She was the wife all men desire, her husband trusted in her, she does good in her days, she works with the tender hands given to her by God, she is willing to work and produce for her family. She gives to the poor, she makes clothing to cover her children, she opens her mouth and wisdom flows from her lips. She is kind to those she meets, living with God in her heart. Her children are blessed to call her mom, and delight in her company. Beauty is not how much money we make, its not the clothes we wear, its not flowery words she speaks, its not wearing the latest fad. We find beauty in how we walk with God. If we are walking with Him, He is shining through and lighting all He touches. The virtous woman is a woman who places others before herself, she tends to the needs of others, and she lifts others up. She finds enjoyment in all she does. She doesn't complain when trials come, she faces them with the strength of the Lord. Beauty can be found in a butterfly, in the hummingbird drinking from the feeder, from the birth of a calf, holding near to her mother. In all the ugliness in our world rushing by, we can stop and in a moment can find beauty in the face of an old woman with wrinkles who has lived a hard life. In the workings of a father taking care of his family. In a man holding his wifes hand while she is receiving her chemo, and shaving his head while she too is losing her hair. We tend to waste so much time looking for the bad in others, when I believe we can always find beauty in a person who was made by God. Today, see what beauty comes before you, what beauty blesses you today? It could even be the fairy charm hanging off a beautifully made bracelet for a friend out of love. Love can cover all around us, but first we must fill our hearts with love, fill our lives with Christ, and He will open our eyes to all the beauty around us. Love and beauty go hand in hand. Jesus showed us both in His life and in His death. What beauty are you bestowing today? Touch someone special today, give of yourself, make time with others who want to share with you. We are made beautiful in Christ. "For the Lord takes pleasure in His people; He will beautify the humble with salvation." Psalm 149:4


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