Monday, August 17, 2009

My Daisy is a little sunshine of love..

My little dog Daisy is a Dachshund. She is a minnie gift packed full of love. When I wake she is there with her tail wagging, and ready to lick me out of my sences. When I go to bed she is there curled up beside me keeping me warm. If I leave the house and place her in her kennel it doesn't matter if I have been gone ten minutes or four hours, she is just as happy to see me. She grabs my finger and leads me to the bed, grabs my jacket and wants me to take it off and stay awhile. She can make me laugh, make me feel comfort, and show me what love is. When I have a migraine and am hurting, she knows just when I don't feel well and is there to lay beside me,not moving unless I do. She loves for our family to all be in the same room. She loves when company comes, she loves to greet to all who enter our home. She is a joy to watch and to spend my days with. She can jump up in my lap and make my day better. To those of us who love our pets, we know just how much love we can give and receive from them. They become part of the family. As a close friend just lost her pet, I feel her pain. She has lost something very dear to her that brought joy to her life everyday for years. So as I think of our little Daisy, I think of myself and how I am. Am I always excited to see someone come to the door? Am I always so forgiving, and when I wake is it a morning I bless my family or do I take the nights sleep I didn't get and take it out on them? Am I ready and waiting to go anywhere my Master calls me to go? Am I ready to love all those around me at anytime? Am I ready for someone to take off their jacket and stay awhile? Do I see and feel when those around me are not feeling well or having a hard time, or am I too caught up in myself? Is my heart ready to love all and be a friend to all? There are those who do not like pets, they do not share that love, and that is okay. But they can not just be a blessing to us, they can teach us if we can just take the time to see it. As she layed by my side last night during one of the worst migraines I have had, I felt her love for her master. Just as I felt the love of my Master, He was there with me throughout the night and as I woke this morning and He has carried me through today. We have a friend in God, our we a friend to those around us? As we say a dog is man's best friend, at times I think that can be so true. Daisy isn't here to gossip about me, she isn't here to judge me, she isn't here just to gain for herself. She trusts me, she obeys me, and she loves me no matter what. I cannot say that about everyone I know. She is a protector in the night when she hears a noise, she is alert if the smoke alarm goes off, and she can sense a storm coming. She was a gift from my husband while I was going through a hard trial, and she is still with me today. I cannot say that about all those in my life. But we should be like Daisy. We should be ready to love, to give, to share, and to trust. We should be willing to go, to obey and to trust our Master in heaven. Do you have a pet in your life that you treasure? One that you can call a friend? The question is, our we willing to be man's best friend through thick and thin? We can learn from all those around us, even our smallest gifts we treasure.


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