Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Pearl

Pearls are treasured by many in our world. They think them to be of beauty. Me, I like black pearls. They are different and rare. Pearls do not start out beautiful. They start out as a little piece of sand in the oyster. Over time that grain of sand gets bigger, and all the ridges and roughness of it are gone. As the oyster kinda grinds and polishes that piece of sand, it slowly with time becomes something of beauty,but it didn't get that way on its own. Our lives are like this pearl. I think of all the harshness handed to me,the mean words, the hurt, betrayal in life,as the oysters grinding of that sand pebble.After awhile all the mean stuff rubbing on that sand pebble begins to make it shine, get its shape and color. If we allow all those mean things in life to rub at us, and let them go,God comes along and polishes us up, He makes the rough patches a thing of beauty. We may find that it is the hard things in life that make us the people God wants us to be. It is through those trials that He shines through us. Many find pearls as their treasure, I find that through the pearls we find our treasure in God.


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