Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rivers of Blood by Colon H. Carter

Be it a trickle
Or be it a Flood
When all mixed together
There would be "Rivers of Blood"
Some required but First Aid,
While others required
A skilled surgeon's Blade.
We are all bonded together,
By the Sacrifieces we made.
Some were wounded
While looking the foe in the eye,
While others recieved fragments,
From a round which hit nearby.
No matter the source of our wounds,
Our blood ran red.
We the living are the fortunate ones,
Many others now lay dead.
No matter how major or minor
Your woundmay have been,
Our nation awarded each a metal
suspended from a pin.
the Purple Heart Medal
We so proudly wear,
Binds us all together
As the ones who were there.


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