Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Don't give one inch

It is amazing how we can wake one morning knowing God is with us,and feeling His touch,and in that next morning we can wake and see what satan can destroy in minutes while people are not watching. Am I the only one this seems to happen to? We can go along for a few days and feel so much joy and then wham!!!he hits,and he doesnt just poke you,he hits hard.Sometimes so hard you just want to give up all together.You find yourself thinking not again,not so soon.How can we stay away from the hurt and damage satan can throw on us like a beast?We stay close as possible to Christ no matter what comes are way. We can be blindsided by satan out of nowhere.He wants us to give up,he wants us to give in to all the pain and hurt,he wants to win over our lives.If we are not careful that is exactly what will happen.We have to be in Gods word,and be on our knees praying without ceasing.I refuse to give satan one more thing of my life.I refuse to give in to the hurt and pain.At those moments when the tears start to flow,you can feel your heartbeat just a little more,and you feel lost and ready to give in,we have to remember who we are.We are children of the King,we have hope,we have a future in Heaven,He is with us even more so when satan strikes.We just have to reach for Him,call upon His name,and believe He will provide every need we have.Without hope,we would have nothing.People can take away many things in our lives.They can steal away pieces of us,parts of our lives we dont want to give up,but we have to remember the Lord knows the end of the story,He has our R.S.V.P waiting and no one can take that away.They may be able to cut you down,hurt you with words,even take away part of your life,but no one can take away our salvation.No one can take away joy in our hearts,that is placed there by God,no one else can fill that God spot we have made just for Him.It seems the world we live in is so selfish and just concerned with ME,that people cannot see beyond their own faces the hurt they cause or the time they take away.Without Christ in my life I am sure,no I know for a fact,that I could not take another day in this world we call home for now.I have to remember this place here is not my home,I have a home waiting for me,I have a Father who fights for me,and loves me as His own.I have to remember all the blessings that He gives each and everyday.I have to count my blessings one by one each day to know,and remember He is with me.He is my strength when I can no longer walk,He is my hope that all will work for His glory.I put my faith in Him,and Him alone.Whenever we are stuck in the valleys of life and feel like we are drowning,we just have to reach out for His hand,and He will save us from this world that is full of pain and sorrow.He knows the end of the story,we arent able to see that yet.He knows the plans He has for us,He is there each and every step even when we think we are alone,He is there feeling our pain too.We have to remember we have not gone through anything He has not already been through.Don't let satan take another minute of your lives,dont give him another inch today.We can fight our battles with the hope of knowing He is our Savior,by reading Gods word,and trusting in Him, and looking for the good in all.Nothing goes through our lives without going through Gods hands first.He touches everything with the love of His hands,and its at that moment when we want to give up and realize we have nothing without Him that we can see the picture being painted before us.We have to remember He isnt finished with us yet.We are a work in progress and sometimes we have to go through the valleys of life to see the steps Christ has taken for us,and those steps lead straight to the cross.


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