Saturday, March 21, 2009


Spring is such a beautiful time of year. All things are coming back to life.We can hear the frogs chirpping, the robin's are out in wonder, the rabbits are all in the yard, the deer are becoming mothers.The trees are budding,and beginning to bloom. The tulips,and daffodils are all ready to show their glory at Easter. The grass is green again,and the smell of fresh cut grass grabs your nose. The rain showers that come, are comforting, for we know it is giving life to Gods creation. It is a time to see rainbows, beautiful sunsets,and taking breaks out on the decks of friends with laughter. The whole view is changing. Butterflies, dragonflies, and bumblebees, are fluttering, and buzzing around. Its time to go to the zoo again, take a trip to the park with a great book in hand. It is a time of new beginnings, when all of Gods glory is sprouting new. You can open the windows and feel the fresh air. Hanging the sheets,and towels out once again to smell fresh and new. Yes, spring is beautiful, a new beginning. To wake an see the sun coming in, should let us know that God is all around us. Its time for walks in the woods, seeing the dogwoods come to life,and all the creatures of Gods design. We can take this new time, this new day,and begin fresh ourselves. Giving a new outlook on life, beginning a friendship, a new job, making amends with others who have left our fold. So many new things are possible with God at our side, and showing His love for beauty all around us. For if God can show us all this beauty, just think how much He loves and cares for us. His creation proves His majesty,His Glory,and His love. Let us look at this new season, as a new season of growth for us also. Let us look more closely at Him,and in a new,bright way,full of love,and thankfulness. If He can give Himself to us freely, show us His wonder in His creation, He is worthy of our love. Changes take place right under our noses during spring, we can watch them with our own eyes. Like a beautiful spring tulip budding out,and ready to shine, let us have that same wonder and awe for our Savior, and allow changes in us, and let Him shine through us also.


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