Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Outcast

Years ago people who had leprosy were outcasts. They had to leave their families,and their towns.They felt all alone,carrying the pain with them,with no one to reach out and help, or take a stand.Praise God we do not have leprosy now,but what is a shame,is that we still have outcasts. They are those who serve God, have loving hearts,stand for the right things, and are just themselves,but the thing is, they don't and refuse to fit into a click. They refuse to conform to others ways just to have them like them.They are those who want to grow with the Lord, want to grow in so many ways,and share their faith and friendship with others,but are not allowed to. Why? Because they choose to be different and not conform. It not popularity they are after, its not the cool crowd, its not even being accepted by everyone. Its just plan having respect for you. Having the love and respect that you yourself would want. How do we treat others? Do we make fun,talk about them behind their backs, and even hurt them right infront of them by doing things that you wouldn't want done to you? Everyone deserves to be respected and showed the same compassion and love that we want and give to our closest friends. How many times do we not speak to someone because they are different, maybe they go to a different school, maybe they dress different,live in a different neighborhod, or maybe just if we were friends with them, it would cramp our style,and we just couldn't have that? Should we have any outcasts as christians? Should we be making fun of others,and calling them names to make ourselves feel better? Why is it that we treat people this way? Do we seriously think we are better? As christians we should be the example, we should be the leaders,we should be lifting people up, not tearing them down. No one knows what others are going through, or just how hard life could be for them at the moment,and when those mean people do something that has no character at all, it hurts, and just brings them down that much more. We tend to think its funny,to give a remark to others, or give our opinion when it is not needed. No one thinks about those words or deeds done to others, until it is done to them one day. We dont need outcasts. We need christians to stand with each other, help each other,and change this world together, one person at a time,but before we can do that, many need to take a good look at themselves and see what they are really doing to others.Would you want to be the outcast? I didn't think so,I woudn't either, and nor would any person, christian or not. People should be treated with dignity,and kindness. Have we forgotten what a christian is? Treat others as you want to be treated. Don't stand by and let anyone be an outcast. Just because someone is different or not in the "in crowd", doesnt mean they are less of a person. If anything they are more mature,and they care a whole lot more. The next time you see someone treated unfairly, stand up for what is right. That is the cool thing to do. Its uncool to make someone an outcast.


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