Saturday, February 28, 2009

Where is your prayer closet?

Where is that you go to spend time with the Lord? Is it outdoors, a long walk, maybe sitting out on the deck, listening to the frogs, curled up in your bed, in your closet, in your car, or just in a favorite room? Maybe is it not even just a place, but just doing something? When you are cleaning, are you spending time with God, doing the dishes, mowing the lawn,hunting out in the woods, or cleaning out the gargage? Many people have one special place where they can go and be with God. We can worship Him, and pray in the quiet of the day, the darkness of the night, or in the middle of the day with all the noise of the city. My point is, God is everywhere. It is awesome to know that we can go to Him anywhere, anytime of day, with anything,and He is always there. I happen to love cleaning with my music up loud, and praying as I go, and being in the car alone, just me and God, with the music up loud, and my hand raised, I worship Him, and pray. We don't just have to be in church, or with our head bowed. Its not just one prayer. We can go to Him with respect, but like He is our daddy, our friend, and one who loves us, and just share all we have. Open our hearts up to Him, and open our ears and listen also to what He says to us. Let us not just be the ones who are always talking, but let us listen and learn from our Father. Our prayer closets can be anywhere or anything we choose, just choosing a spot and spending that time is what truelly matters. Where is your prayer closet?


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