Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saul, he wasn't a hopeless case, was he?

Many times we look at others and say, goodness there is no help for them, or maybe, they should not be forgiven for that, or nothing is going to help them, or why should we help them, do they help anyone? We could go on and on with the comments that we choose to make about others who have gone astray, or have made mistakes. Are we not all sinners? I think we tend to forget that at times. Some think that since I am a christian I am better now. No, you are still a sinner, just a saved one. If God could change Saul, one who persecuted Christians, had Stephen stoned,and was one of the most evil people in that time, He can change anyone. He changed Saul into Paul, and Paul gave his all for Christ, he was a martyr for Christ. Paul did great things for Christ, because he allowed Christ to change, and mold him, and to be used of God. If God can do these wonderful things He has done through Paul, He can do them with anyone,anyone willing to open their hearts, and walk with Him. No one is hopeless, no one is unchanging, no one is a lost cause. Jesus wants all His children to be saved and walk with Him. We can be the light upon the hill, instead of the judge in the stand. We need to change the way we look at others. Not through our eyes, but with the eyes of Christ. That is how people will be changed, and come to know Him. They will look at our example, and what example are we giving them? I was once a Saul, and God was able to change me, what about you?


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