Saturday, February 14, 2009


Advice is a funny thing. Sometimes it is needed, and others it is not. Sometimes it may lift a person up or others it may just tear them down. When do we give advice? When we someone hurting, when we see someone falling, when we see someone making a grave mistake, when we see them going down a wrong road? Do we give it freely or should we wait until its asked for? Sometimes maybe we give advice when we just think we can help out or we know a little more,but in reality we do not. Many times we don't know the whole story, and by speaking we have just make things worse. Many times its better just to pray for our friends and let them know we are here for them if needed, unless it is something that is terribly wrong and is hurting the friend we love, if its just our opinion, then maybe we just need to keep it to ourselves and let our friend figure this out on their own. This is how we grow,this is how we learn,and this is a part of maturing is figuring things out on our own. I am blessed to have friends who love me, and know when to give advice and know just when to pray. Sometimes we can, if we are not careful, and overstep our bounds and end up hurting the other person. So the nest time you think a friend needs advice, pray about this first and see if its truely needed.


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