Friday, January 23, 2009

What my friends mean to me,,,,,,,

I am so blessed to have friends. When I was young I always prayed for great friends you could really trust,and who would love you for just being you. Its not easy for young girls to have friends, girls can be mean,so I was always friends with more young boys.They were great to hang around with, they were honest and if they had a problem they came to you, not behind your back to all the others to see how much trouble they could cause.As I grew older, God has blessed me with the best of friends I can tell everything to, and we laugh,share,cry,and pray together.They give me advice,although I may not like it, the truth is always the best.I have learned so much from each one, because each one brings something different and special into my life. We know each others looks and thoughts,and deepest dreams.They are my sisters in Christ,and the sisters I always dreamed I would have.Friends do bring something special to our lives. My Mom always told me,a person is blessed if they find one good friend in their life, I then am richly blessed, because I have many,and I have three of the best friends anyone could ever ask for,they are my family,and I love each and every one.I would not be the person I am today if it were not for the friends I have in my life.


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