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It's all about the time spent together

This week my son traveled to work with his dad. Now, my son has always respected his dad, but now after being with him the past few days he has a whole new respect for him. In seeing all that he does he understands his dad much more. He has a whole new perspective and attitude towards his dad that he never fully grasped before, until now.
Ever been there? That was me as a kid. Even as a teen. I respected my dad. I loved him dearly. But I never really knew just what he did. I guess I just never really thought much of it until I was much older. More mature. Now that he is gone I wish I could sit with him and have talks about all that he did do at work.
I think in knowing all about our parents and all that they do, it brings us closer to them. We seem to take so much for granted these days. We just don't spend the time with one another that we should.
That got me to thinking about how much time I spend with my Heavenly Father. The more time I spend with Him the more I understand Him.…

It's a privilege, not a to-do list

As my husband and son left for Pennsylvania today I stood in the doorway praying for their safety. As they left I turned the television up a bit to drown out the silence I was hearing. I made our beds, washed the dishes, picked up dirty socks and gathered clothes for the laundry. I swept dirt by the front door and laid down new rugs for our dirty feet to step on as we enter the house. I peek at Daisy and she already has that sad look in her eye. I think she knows when it's Sunday and all are ready to leave the house. Well, she at least knows when I put my boots on, I will soon walk out the door. That doesn't make for a happy pup. She doesn't like being alone. I must say, neither do I. A quiet house is nice, but an empty one just feels lonely for me.
Through the week I find myself complaining of all the chores I must do. Just senseless chores really. At least they seem senseless, but they really aren't. I should take joy in the fact that they are here to do. To do for t…

Come on, get out of that pit!

You know those times we find ourselves in that pit of despair that seems to last forever? We slip and our foot catches along the way and down we go. We can land flat on our face. We don't have a scratch on us. Not this time anyway, but the scars from battle are real. Mine are real. They might go unnoticed by others, but I know they are there, hidden.  
There we are with tears streaming down our face. Anger rising in our belly. Somewhere we hear a still small voice. We try to quiet ourselves so we can hear. We rise up and there is there it is. That is the sound of our Savior telling us to get ourselves up and take a step forward. Will we ever really get out of that pit unless we climb out? We gotta grab on tight to something. Something strong and stable. Something able to take all the weight we are carrying, plus all of our anger, resentment and pity we feel for ourselves.
Nothing seems to make any sense. Everything that seemed right last week now seems all wrong. We just can't …


I opened these pages and fell completely in love with this book! For a girl who loves to read, I could relate  well with this character. She has her nose in a book all the time. I never leave the house without a book! It is her place of escape and she doesn't even realize it, until everything in her life starts changing. The boy she loves, her job as a librarian, her family and the Great Depression around her. I mean to tell you, this girl loves to read. She not only reads, but she loves taking away gems from each book. Life lessons. She is about to embark on a new journey no book can give her.
These characters come to life in these pages. I am a huge fan of Lynn Austin. Her writing style just gently pulls you in until you are there in Wonderland Creek with Alice. Alice goes from having everything she needs to a small town in Kentucky where need is prevalent.
What I love is that Alice has had a pretty easy life. She has really not had a want. She is kind of self absorbed and until…


Love on the Line is right! If you want romance, this is your book! The telephone line is alive and hopping with love. Deeanne Gist has a gift to take the reader back in time and make them feel as though they are in that time period. I mean, you gotta fall in the love with just the name Lucious Landrum and he is a Texas Ranger to boot! He is that man's man character and his job is on the line when he is to protect the pretty and self confident, Georgie Gail, who believes she is capable of doing anything a man can do. Landrum is on the hunt and is undercover. These two characters begin a friendship and of course we see a love blossom. After all, we are talking about Deeanne Gist. The girl can write romance.
For me, this book held many many details that could have been more simple. I would have loved to see more conversations and less about the birds. The telephone details just about had me over the top. But with that said, I love Deeanne Gist and every book I have had the honor of r…


Reclaiming Lily is a book with many twists and turns. We have a family from Texas ready to adopt a baby from China, but a baby is not yet available. Complications occur and faith is tested. Lets just say God has other plans. We have a doctor (Kai Chang) who finds that her very sister (Lily) that was given up for adoption years ago might be a carrier for a genetic disease. So it turns out that Lily is the adopted daughter of the family of Texas that was in search of a baby to fill their home. Following me? Well these two families now battle it out. We see the best in them and the worst in them. Lily seems to be caught in the middle. Both families want what is best for Lily, but we see how selfishness can draw us from the real issues in life.
I opened the pages of this story and fell in love, but then just became confused in the story line. I just didn't connect with the characters and the story held so many details that is was just hard for me to really stay connected. It just seem…


Hello, lovely people, and thanks for spending some of your time with Robin (and me!) today!

Time. It's such a valuable commodity, isn't it? That's why last Christmas past, I asked Santa to give me 48 hours in every day. This year, I have something else in mind (because seriously? Even with the extra hours, it isn't likely I'd cross every item off my To Do list)….

One of the items on that long, unwieldy list? My computer files. Some of that stuff dates back to the late 90s. So I asked myself why I was holding on to it all. And you know what? I couldn’t come up with a single good reason to keep them all.

So I stayed up all night and read every file. Yep, all 100+ of 'em, each at various stages of development. If a story had no hope of selling, I sent it to the trash bin.

That left me with 14 stories, some fully-fleshed out, others just topics I felt could be turned into salable novel plots. I gave each of those a thorough read to determine which might sell in to…


Get yourself ready, friends, because you are about to go on a journey of emotion! There is no way you could read this book and not see the hand of God at work. Wow! I must say, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. But once I picked up this gem I was captivated. The characters are so real. You find yourself wanting to reach out and just wrap your arms around, Payne, the young girl who has had a life of tragedy and one trial after the other her whole life. Just when she thinks things are about to calm, once again she is hit with a powerful disappointment.
This story takes us through the life of Payne. She was born with the name Champagne, her mother's favorite drink, but later deemed the name Payne, because her mother found her unworthy to carry such an honored name. We see her ups and downs and those that come and go in her life.
I must tell you, the beginning of this book and the ending has twists and turns that were not expected at all! The whole book just comes together so be…


I think this might be the first time I am speechless. I am trying to find the words. This book was off the charts AWESOME! The Gates of Heaven Series, is quickly becoming one of my favorite reads to look forward to. I cannot wait to read the next in the series!
Who knew a talking frog could bring me to turn pages so quickly my fingers were burning. lol Lakin is a talented writer with the gift to pull you into the story and make you feel as though you are walking through the enchanted lands not yet traveled. You find yourself  journeying with characters so rich and vibrant you cannot help but long to see what happens next.
Jadiel is the main character. A young girl with a step mother who is wicked to the core. This woman is able to cast spells and enchant people with her beauty. A beauty that is only potion deep. This story carries valuable lessons to cherish. Callen is one of those unforgettable characters in search of a bridge, but the meaning behind this bridge is so much more than m…

Just a little prayer goes a long way

We often think our prayers must be poetic and spoken with words eleqant and proper. Thought out and well said. Our prayers are simply a conversation with God. He already knows our heart. He knows when we come to Him all that our hearts carry. He just wants to hear from us. He wants to hear our biggest fears, our deepest hurts and the anger that takes over our joy. He just wants us to open up and share it all.
A few nights ago I had the privledge of talking with a girlfriend late at night. You know what we spoke of for what seemed like hours? Our faith. We simply talked about Christ. You gotta love those girlfriends in your life that just want to talk about Jesus. Nothing else matters much when you fill every word with praise for our Savior. Just speaking His name gives us comfort. Fills us with strength. Overflows into our very presence. I had shared with her a prayer I had said for years. She said that I should share that prayer with my readers. Maybe it will give others a way to beg…


I loved the premise of this book, Lost Melody. We can lose our melody in many different ways. Circumstances happen and our lives are destroyed with no hope of looking back. We think they are destroyed, but what we see as destruction, God sees as an opportunity to turn ash into beauty. There isn't anything He cannot use. As we see a no answer happening in our lives, there is a yes from God waiting.
The main character, Jill King, has heard the no answer we never expect to hear, an accident took the gift of being a concert pianist away. One night changed her life forever. But love is alive in her life and that love is helping her to move forward. Dreams begin to come to Jill. She pretty much thinks she going crazy. If she shares these dreams it could destroy the career of the very one she loves, but if she doesn't destruction may come to the town she loves.
Again, I LOVE this premise! Do we listen to that still small voice or do we ignore it in fear? This is one of those great st…

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthdays, Panic Attacks and Finding Peace

For the past few days I have had this overwhelming desire to go shopping. Any kind of shopping really would do, but purses are my thing. See, I have figured out when I have that desire to go shopping, it isn't really because I am in need of something material, but spiritual.
It hit me a few weeks ago that next month I will be 45! It is approaching quickly. December 30 is just around the corner. I have never had an issue with age. I have enjoyed growing older and I gotta be honest and say, I like myself now. I wouldn't want to be 20 over again if it was possible. Until a few days ago I figured out what my heart was feeling, but not able to process to my brain. My dad was only 45 when he became ill. When his cancer hit, he was 45 years old.
My panic attacks started coming on stronger over the last month or so. When they hit I always try to figure out why. Is something bothering me? It is a search I go on often and this time I have found part of the culprit.
My son was sharing wi…


Kneeling on Tipedtoed Knees Written By Lisa Buffaloe
 Early on Saturday mornings I meet with a group of women to pray. No agenda is given other than to pray as God’s Spirit moves. We gather before God’s throne, and I can’t wait to see where God’s Spirit will lead. Often we wait in silence, listening to God's Spirit and responding to the counsel of His Word.

Praise, thanksgiving, and scripture float as voices are filled with joy or weep for those lost, ill, or hurting. Our prayers have winged across continents to pray for the persecuted church and covered those needing healing, help, or salvation.

I visualize our group huddled together on knees before God’s throne, bringing our spirits before our Abba, Father.

I feel so small. I’m a tiny girl, kneeling on tiptoed knees wanting, needing my Father’s guidance, anticipating His presence.

How I desire every moment to live with open ears and heart. To unclench my hands to receive all He longs to give, and my feet ready to venture wherever …

Bringing calm through a simple jar of oil

Can you imagine having to sell your sons to pay a debt? (2 Kings 4:1-7) Picture this scenario. Your husband is dead and you have a debt to pay off with no means to do it on your own. You have two young sons and you are now expected to sell them to cancel your debt. Are you kidding? I think I might just run off and never look back. But, that action might be out of fear. Here we see a story of a woman who stood in faith.
Her husband belonged to a group of prophets, but now their home was empty of him. What would she do? She goes to Elisha and asks for help. He asks her if she has any oil in the house. She tells him that it is all gone. I can imagine her heart is filled with fear at this time. He is telling her to grab her oil to sell and she has none to even use herself. (2 Kings 4:2-3)
Elisha knows a little about God's provision. After all, he was given a double portion as Elijah was lifted up by a chariot into the heavens. (2 Kings 2:9) He has seen God's miracles first hand. He…


This was a lovely read about forgiveness and finding peace. Can you imagine living your whole life estranged from your mother? Never hearing the words, "I love you". Krista Mueller lived this life and now her mother has Alzheimer's. Time is slipping quickly. Time that she has missed and misplaced. This is a great story in teaching us to grab hold of those second chances.
I loved this book by Lisa Tawn Bergren. She brought out the best and the worst in these characters. She showcased the qualities we all want to be exposed and she too showed the faults that we try to hide and ignore ourselves.
Reading this book leaves you with a passion to know your mother better. To reach out to your daughter more. To not just leave the past behind, but bring it out in the open and share those hurts so healing can come.
What did I love the most? The Christmas room. We all need a Christmas room to remember the good times. We tend to focus on the bad that have crept into our lives. All the…

Even without the details we can still believe

Can you imagine losing your best friend? Your mentor? The one person who walked with you and gave encouragement while cheering you onward? Many know the depth of this pain. Elisha knew this pain as well. It was a pain that was very real to him. His walk with Elijah had come to an end when the God took him up to heaven in a whirlwind of fire, carried by a chariot. For me, I am not so sure what would have been cooler. To be Elijah experiencing this miracle or Elisha watching it happen. Nevertheless, Elisha was now without his best friend. What of their talks? The walks they shared? You know, Elisha, had an empty place in his heart. I can imagine he felt lonely on days when he saw others walking with their friends or when he had a question about what to do. Where would he turn now?
When Elisha and Elijah took their last walk together, Elisha says to Elijah several times, "As the Lord lives, and as your soul lives, I will not leave you." He knew what was getting ready to happen,…

DECEMBER 1941 (31 Days That Changed America And Saved the World) by CRAIG SHIRLEY

In school I was that girl who soaked up history class. Still today I am a lover of history. We can't move forward without acknowledging the past. When I requested the book, December 1941, who knew I would fall in love with history all over again.
This book is simply amazing. Wow, doesn't even give it all it's due. I can honestly say, this is the best history book I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Every classroom should have this book for the students. History books are often jam packed with information, but forgive me for saying, they are as boring as can be. This book is remarkable for the fact that it is like you are on a ride through the whole month of December during WWII. We not only see the day of December 7 that we all know so well, but we go back to the days before it.
Craig Shirley and his research assistant, Andrew Shirley, worked tirelessly to bring us a book we can all understand. It isn't written over your head like many history books that leave you…

Is it really all that bad?

Boy, can we have some bad days. We think it's a bad day before our feet hit the floor. Maybe we must rise up early and we didn't get any rest. Then we find ourselves crabby all day long. That sure isn't fun for those around us.
We can wake not feeling well. Maybe by lunch time the rain is pouring and the streets are flooding and now water in the basement is rising by the inch. We head out to the car after a long days work and what do you know, it won't start. No one is available when we call for help, so what in the world are we to do now?
Our hair is crazy in the wind and we are on our way to get pictures. The baby just spit up all over our new sweater and the tears begin to stream. The chores are piling up and now it's time for dinner and we forgot to go to the store.
The car payment is due and as you get ready to write out that check you realize your account is empty. The dog just made a mess and the kids have now destroyed the room you have worked on for hours.…